Good has one advantage: it is destructive, while Evil relies on being constructive.

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Just take the average villain of James Bond or whatever superhero.
the villain has constructed a huge empire of minions and resources.
what does the superhero do? walks up to the bad guy and kicks ass! pure destruction!
and the best hero is always the one without a chance to be Evil.
without a Wife he can’t mistreat her, no children to abuse either. nothing to lose.
Evil on the other hand loses everything, a whole life’s worth of scheming!

to be fair I must mention other kinds of villains too.
one nowadays popular type is the villain who didn’t do anything, just using what already is there.
WorldWar2 made use of the antisemitism that already existed.
Islamists and whatever islamic terror abuses religion and general attitude in some people.
if the above type was “the Mastermind”, the actual Evil decribed here should be called “The Horde”.
even though there is no single person who built the circumstances, it’s still something that developed.
similarily it can be destroyed. much more easily than the constuction of these circumstances.

IS is abusing religion and the attitude of people. take one away and IS is gone.
well, what actually is needed is to take one away from all people in the world!
robbing people of what they believe in is easy, any dictator could do that within a few generations.
wont make people stop believing in whatever they believe in, but protects religion from abuse.
therefore this is the path politicians go. one even suggested a unified Quran.
let’s teach children in school the translation that has  been acknowledged by psychologists.
luckily all the religions are based on such ancient books that nobody understands the original anymore.
unfortunately this solution is not very safe. the attitude of those people still remains.
democracy has no means of forbidding alternative translations, this is a double-edged sword.
attitude is a much better point to leverage. We have a demand for explanations, so let’s satisfy it.
what do we live for? for dancing? for watching tv? for getting rich and having sex? for taking drugs?
there exist people who believe that none of above is the answer to the meaning of life. I too belong to them.
find an answer yourself, find a method how people can quickly find an answer. this will destroy the attitude of revolution.

well, this isn’t really so easy to do.
I quickly found the meaning of life:
the meaning of life is to die after lots of experience.
you dance, this is just one experience among many.
you watch tv, again your whole life shouldn’t be filled with that.
having sex, taking drugs, why believe everybody should do these?
there are so many experiences we could have, why emphasize those 4?
unfortunately my insight cannot be taught, it passes on the blind side of most adults.
who would even accept the fact that all human beings have to die?I don’t even know anybody accepting their permanent change.
so you had some fun with taking drugs, you’re a drug-addict.
you had this experience and now your body needs drugs.
so your body has changed, before it lived without drugs for about 20 years!
for most it’s already difficult to accept that. but once you did accept the body’s change:
why you think it can’t change again in the opposite?
why do you believe no other experience can satisfy you?

how I arrived at my “meaning of life” is simple logic:
everybody dies. and everybody enjoys experience.
additionally the same experience over and over again is boring.
so obviously the meaning of life is to avoid repeating experience.
a drug offers infinite experiences, just like mind does in dreams.
I admit it, I never did do drugs, I am addicted to Dreams instead.
the difficulty to get rid of the addiction is the same though.
but I always remind myself:
our creator certainly didn’t have drugs or dreams in mind.
we feel happy through experiences, our purpose is biologically encoded.
these are the words of our creator. repeatedly doing the same stuff isn’t in the spirit of these words.

the actual difficulty is to show people there exists other stuff than whatever they do.
and it’s actually very difficult to teach that more experiences exist than can be experienced in a lifetime.
to children you can teach these things easily.
but as soon as the children grow up, it’s forgotten again.
religions solve that problem by prohibiting some common activities.
so theoretically it’s best to tabooize some experiences all around the world.
that’s the whole idea of religious wars, to force the world into having less common experiences.
looking at a beautiful woman is a frequent experience, so let’s cover all women.
watching tv, listening to music or dancing, all too common in society. let’s prohibit that.
on the other hand praying is much too unpopular, let’s force everybody to do that instead.
again all these rules would go against the spirit of the words of our creator.
if we were meant to pray so much, why do we have the ability to stand upright?
maybe the ability to stand upright is a test for our faith? even though we can, we shouldn’t?
the difficulty with changing people’s attitude is, how do you avoid defining what to change it to?
this question no religion has ever managed to answer so far!
an answer is essential to teaching the meaning of life I discovered…

another villain in our world is the impersonal Horde of capitalism and globalization.
to fight globalization is quite easy: destroy all internet connections, all cables and satelites.
takes much more time to repair them than to bomb them down again.
similarly aeroplanes, streets, phone-cables and cell-phone receivers.
you want to stop global warming? bomb down factories and chimneys!
of course you’d need to calculate if the bombing is worth the effort.
but getting below the 2°C is possible this way. (preventing rise of sea-level isn’t though.)
capitalism is a somewhat tougher enemy. it’s not really capitlism that’s evil, corruption is.
of course you’d need to widen the meaning of the word “corruption”.
with enough time this enemy can be slain though. all you need is some science.
observe where the money is corrupting the underlying processes and fix it.
the philosophy of capitalism is to rely on the markets to regulate themselves.
this pure form of capitalism already failed hundred years ago.
if you want something regulated, you’d have to do it yourself!
becoming a largely corruption-free country is hard work, without end!
would you stop doing that work, new ways for circumventing the rules will be found.
the natural state of the world is constant change. rules never account for that.
but in order for the rules to change in sync with the situation you need research.
you need to know the situation, what others do against it, and how efficiently laws are being executed.

next common villain is the spirit of freedom. french revolution, killing all these aristocrats. now hongkong.
china itself is a villain of this type, but also people fighting against china from within are.
in terms of superheroes, this is an extremely rare type of villain, mostly depiced as pirates and such.
I am quite certain also this kind of enemy can be defeated easily with some brainwashing.
roman empire was full of people who believed to be free, then in middle-ages, not anymore.
or rather all these citizens of rome seemingly became bandits and witches and such.
everybody who felt free was hunted down and killed. quite effective.
I’m afraid china will do that too, over and over again, just like europe did some centuries ago.
not saying they’re retarded, I don’t believe actual “development” of society is possible.
point is, now europe is making use of brain-washing, china prefers to kill people instead.
not really surprising considering the over-population there, and the low birthrate here.
especially the high education makes killing too much a loss of valuable resources here.
but these things could quickly change, maybe next century it will be the other way around.
problem with this villain type is, they mostly fight among themselves.
and people who don’t belong to this type are rare.
thereby most of earth’s population is a villain of this type.
as Douglas Adams suggested, we could easily develop into a species of bureaucrats.
so maybe even this kind of Evil can be fought with a bit of genetic engineering.
our struggling for freedom has developed over time, animals don’t have it.
shouldn’t be difficult to make us more alike to animals again.

Now the question that is implied in all that evil-bashing: why?
if Good fights Evil, doesn’t that make Good another kind of Evil?
if Evil can be conquered by blowing up the HQ, wasn’t building HQ a Good action?
shouldn’t constructive be called Good and destructive be Evil?
if you watched some anime, read some mangas, Good and Evil don’t really exist there!
often there is someone who is “right” and someone who is “wrong”.
the “wrong” person is actually the victim of some delusion or fantasy.
being “right” means you have a different delusion or fantasy, usually a more logical one.
alter some beliefs and wrong becomes right and the other way around.
you can’t define Good and Evil as Constructive and Destructive. those depend on beliefs too!

according to maths there exists such a thing called entropy.
you could define Constructive as reducing entropy.
for example human language has lower entropy than random radiation does.
when you look at probability-distribution of words, it isn’t flat.
so how is entropy defined? the less random the distribution the more random the underlying event?
sounds very awkward. especially the notion of randomness is only in our mind.
of course there are quantum-mechanics with its probability-distribution of particles.
i.e. a particle switches to being a wave of probability-distribution, and back again.
but that’s again just an interpretation of some formulas, it’s all in our mind.
in maths you have only the formulas. they don’t justify our interpretation.
maybe formulas will stay the same, but interpretation will definitely change!
it already changed so many times in the last millenia. new formulas appeared.
even the formulas of mechanics became more detailed in last few centuries.
so quite naturally our notion of entropy will change too.
einstein said god doesn’t play dice, maybe that’s true?
hawkins said black holes eat up information, thereby restoring lost entropy.
again a belief. but maybe it makes every Constructive attempts futile?
what’s the use of building anything when it will end up in a black hole?
aren’t then the destroyers of information the Good Guys?

if our purpose in life is to experience and die because of us doing exactly that, what’s the use of black holes?
how does a black hole die? how does it perceive? what kind of experiences can it have?
what’s obvious is that it destroys free-flowing matter. is that the meaning of life for a black hole?

what we should maybe consider is that all our constructing might be an act of evil.
whenever we leave any traces in the world, we are committing a crime against nature.
some things we need to construct, but wouldn’t it be better to make the changes as small as possible?
other beings surely do construct stuff too. whenever we build something, efforts of those beings are destroyed.
if we only alter the world a little bit, the other beings can adapt.
IMHO best would be if every being would get an equal share of how much it can construct.
maybe count the amount of cells each being has, and allow only a fixed amount of change per cell.
make it so that ants and bees have a nice head-room for construction.
then define as Evil all the people who construct more, physically.
same can be done on a mental level. only allow a certain amount of ideas to publish.
no more spam on the internet! take max amount of words said every day by humans and add headroom.
a corporation then has to pay people for using their allowance of words, to create commercials…