we all are critical with media, as films or series or books.
but what about the very source for those creations? what about life?

Bechdel-Тest is asking 3 questions about whatever movie: it asks, if

  1. there are at least 2 women in it who
  2. talk to each-other about
  3. something besides a man

often a requirement is that the talk takes longer than a minute.
and especially in the film-alike media the women must be named.
(if they don’t have a name, the actors likely will be paid less.)

to write a good story it’s best to take a look at memories.
when they’re fresh, the audience will appreciate the passion.
whatever makes the results fail the bechdel test must originate here.
now, take a look at the own thoughts and memories, do they pass it?
more concretely, there’s male and female bechdel test. ask yourself both:

  1. do you remember the full name of at least two men/women, of whom you remember
  2. talking to each-other long enough that you could fill 1 minute of film, where you remember about their conversation
  3. their actual individual standpoint and opinions expressed in the conversation and the conversation happened to be
  4. completely unrelated to people of their sexual preference and completely unrelated to whatever they obtained from cooperating with such people?

this test incorporates the extension that talk of babies and marriage wont count.
and a new 3. question was inserted about something that goes without saying for films.
but other than that it covers the very reasons for why male writers wont pass Bechdel.
basically our thoughts are occupied mostly with procreation and sexuality.
not surprising when memories of strangers follow suit.

in essence, stuff that is pleasant will be remembered more easily.
some fancy sex, some fancy the togetherness of a family.
of course in a chat with strangers we wont talk of sexual activity.
some people even protect privacy of family by avoiding talk of that.
but in our mind some things are associated to other things.
there was an experiment with dogs. pavlov’s dog:
the dog will get food every-time a bell rang.
as a result the dog will associate bell with food.
this manifests as saliva being produced in such circumstances.
human isn’t any different, coincidences become triggers for thoughts.
sufficient to talk of other people’s babies and marriage.
or talk of whatever aroused you in sexual activity.
this way the otherwise taboo topics still are triggered in mind.
seeing a nice body-shape helped in your sexuality?
so talk with others openly about shapes of body!
this way you create pleasant thoughts and experience nice feelings.
just like pavlov’s dog thinking of food on the sound of a bell.
by choosing what you do and what you say, influence thoughts.
why torture yourself with unpleasant thoughts? get into a good mood!

human mind has a strange mechanism that goes a bit beyond pavlov’s dogs:
through mental repetition we can reeducate our mind, to do whatever we want.
be it buddhist mantras or christian prayers, they brainwash us.
just pick the mantra you want and repeat it thousands of times.
if your mind had some contradictory mantra imprinted that way, do more.
of course this method on its own is as senseless as whatever punishment in school.
the difference, though, is that now you’re doing it on your own.
so control the awareness of what it is you’re repeating.
add in thoughts you want to become conditioned as “associated”.
or simply, don’t repeat a mantra, repeat an experience instead.
put the experience into the pleasant context by pleasant thoughts.
the applications are infinite!

in fact we already do that all life long.
we see fashion and remember the sexual partner in that fashion.
during sex we think of sports, so we’ll love sports later-on.
we eat sweets and are reminded of mother’s milk and the togetherness.
we were happy of gifts at Xmas, and now our family must get gifts too.
our life is full of such ushers showing our place in society.
some cause bad habits, others are real life-savers.
the cigar after a meal or sex is a bad habit.
putting on a condom for sex could be a life-saver.
do such things often enough and they’ll become part of life.
not necessary to have thousands of repetitions.

do the male bechdel-test for your memories as above.
and do the female bechdel-test for your memories too.
compare the results. why the difference?
why is it so difficult to remember some stuff?
because it’s unimportant stuff to us!
what gets repeated becomes important.
the older we get the less important all the rest will end up being.
when enough repetitions happened, thoughts fall into narrow burrows.
if the burrows happen to be unpleasant thoughts, that’s depression.
and if you’re male and constantly think of sex, maybe it’s something in your life?
most often it’ll be females triggering thoughts of sex, like the bell for pavlov’s dog.
think of 2 females meeting, and thoughts will diverge into that direction.
not surprising male writers are stuck failing the bechdel-test for their work.
solution seems to be using female writers or very young talents.
but wouldn’t female writers think of sex in such situations too?
a heterosexual female writers probably thinks of sex when writing male dialogue.
but the important point is, these thoughts manifest in various different ways!
most of the time it wont even be visible the original thought took such direction.
additionally many women don’t consider sex as pleasant.
so naturally also male dialogues likely wont be pleasant.

just read a good book, and watch the dialogues.
wont be that difficult to deduce from them sexual preferences of the writer.
then read a great book, and notice how you can’t do that anymore.
passing the bechdel-test is one important aspect that makes great books great.
more generally a great author should let characters develop individually.
not the author’s thoughts but the character’s thoughts should matter in dialogue!