what this blog is about I’ve written on my first post. here I must add that I am (an eternal) student of mathematics and that most of my time I live in vienna.

now the disclaimers:

everything I write here is as far as I know originated by myself.

if I copy something from elsewhere I’d use blockquote or something.
and I would add an attribution somewhere.

I take responsibility for what I write.

post a comment and I’ll make changes whenever they are in the interest of my readers.

however, I do not take responsibility for what my text might cause for the reader.
nor can I be held responsible for any delay between publishing and making corrections.

most books in maths contain errors. so also my texts will not be errorfree, for sure. if you fail your exams because of relying on what I write, not my fault!

it is irressponsible to keep mistakes published. eventually they should be corrected.

but that’s not because of people blindly believing what I write. it’s because fixing other people’s mistakes slows down innovation in general!

I do not feel responsible for the individual reader’s life.

I feel responsible for the effects those people’s life has on the surrounding world.
I feel responsible for the world in which I live!

I take no responsibility for other people’s creations.

links I create in my postings often link to pages I haven’t even read.
images I use are free to use, as far as I know.
comments posted on this site are not moderated, I am not responsible for them.
even less do I follow links other people post.

all these things are not connected to me.
I see no need to verify if they abide to laws or whatever.
you get a virus from following a link? your own fault!

in case you’re wondering: I rarely use any uppercase letters.

if I ever would use uppercase for your name, you may feel honoured.
for the same reason also the first letter in a sentence isn’t uppercase.

what’s so special about it being first?

finally, you might have noticed the frequent indentations.

it’s inspired from programming.

also there a block of things that belong together gets indented.
and each indentation-level is telling you what to do with the next.
the deeper the indentation the more detailed the information.

so you are free to stop as some level.
and you may read on the next indentation level only if you really are interested.
helps in skimming…


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